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Halfway Here

Please check out my latest EP available to stream & download now via
Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and all digital services. Scroll down to hear it now!

I'm excited to have worked with such talented collaborators on these tracks. Brother Saki Patsiouras from Malum Sky provides bass guitar on track 1 'Theme from 1987', and Melanie Ezra joins me on keyboards. Jim Bradley (last heard on 'American Hitler'), returns for the bass guitar on track 2 'Slow Moving Traffic', along with Luke Powell from Mudlark joining me on vocals. I'll let you discover all about  track 3 yourself! The whole
EP has been mastered by another brother from Malum Sky; Michael Jensen Despr├ęs, and he's done a fantastic job. DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Slow Moving Traffic

New Music Video by Stone Letter Media Taken from the forthcoming EP
'Halfway Here' available SAT 3 FEB 2018

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